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This is an archive of some of the Q&As that I post on to my blog on the main page. I update it occasionally, though I’m more likely to post directly to my blog so keep checking back. You can use Tumblr’s Ask Me Anything tab or e-mail directly :)


--What are your plans for the future?-- 

I have some pretty focused plans for the next 12 months which will use my degree,
but I'm also pretty focused on the present, and getting the most of the moments
I have now. I figure that at this very minute I'm sat typing this answer I am already
in the future of all the previous thoughts, plans and aspirations I've ever had in my life
till now, so that makes this minute pretty special.

--What do you like most about your body?--

I've been told I have a very athletic body, like a gymnast's - and I'm really
happy with that compliment! I guess I'm most proud of my stomach and butt but I
work hard on developing the whole package, I'm really into squats and deadlift exercises
for the legs and buttocks. You can see my progress in the videos I've recently put on my

--How often do you escort?--

This can vary a lot but I do limit my availability as I have other
projects and commitments, and more importantly it ensures I can provide a quality
experience. It's generally one to two appointments per week, which is why I
prefer to schedule in advance.

--What are your sexual preferences?

I'm very versatile, and enjoy making my client happy. I find underwear a
great turn-on, but seeing another guy sexually aroused gets me going most of all.

--Anything you're not into?--

Pain, unhygienic stuff or anything that compromises health. I don't take
drugs either.

--Where would you like to visit in the world?--
There are many places I haven't been, I'd love to go and see rainforest
animals in their natural habitats as well as whales in the Atlantic. Would love
to explore more of Japan and I've never visited Brazil. For cities, I'm curious
about St Petersburg (which I'm visiting in 2014) and other places where there's
great architecture and history.

--What do you think a client is looking for when they hire you?

That is a difficult question as no two clients are exactly alike, so first and
foremost it's important that I can read a client's needs and quickly adapt
to them. Being great company has to be the number one priority, but
done with a sincerity and genuineness that ensures establishing a strong

--What do you do when not escorting?--
I'm a keen learner, and I appreciate having the time to read and visit all
the fascinating cultural places in London. London is a huge inspiration for
me, its history and culture and I'm passionate about how it develops and
its architectural direction. I like exploring London with my camera taking
photos of what I think will become the nostalgic fragments of the future.
As of 2014 I've completed my masters and am doing several projects connected
with my studies.. I go to the theatre quite a lot and enjoy anything well written
and staged. I spend quite a bit of time looking after my body - keeping it fit
and flexible with workouts and yoga.

--What are the key ingredients to being a successful escort?--
For me, an open heart and mind, a non-judgemental, professional attitude,
a caring nature, a natural trust, sincerity, and generosity of spirit. And of
course a passionate sexual appetite.

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